New Album Release Review: Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll by Recording Artist Peter Petchalov

Music Review by Scott Thomas
Album: Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll by Recording Artist Peter Petchalov
Instrumental Guitar Rock, Metal, Neo-Classical Music
Well, well, well… It has been awhile since I have sat down to write a new CD review. However, I just had some very outstanding music sent to me from overseas. Peter Petchalov born and raised in the land of mother Russia has just finished recording his fabulous instrumental guitar album “Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll” and what a loud and proud CD it is. A finalist of the World Guitar competition “Guitar Idol 2008” and also a finalist for the People’s Choice winner of the UK’s unsigned talent competition, Patchalov has decided to share his debut album with me today. This New CD is all written, recorded and produced by the maestro himself.
The first tune “Drill the Eternity” comes at you white-knuckled and no holds barred. You know, four on the floor and in your face. This take no prisoner shred will leave you huffing and puffing for more. My first impression is that Peter is a very proficient and technical player and is definitely no slouch when it comes to writing, recording and playing his electric git-fiddle music. Check out his Youtube videos when time allows… You’ll see what I’m talking about. The shred-meister has a Reverbnation page and Myspace page you’ll need to search out as well.
Next up to bat we have the song “Icicle in the Nose” … This tune is somewhat in the style of Joe Satriani with its galloping rhythms and whammy guitar antics. Petchalov’s tone and technique is spot on and I really dig his flurry of legato runs and squealing guitar sounds. This is the kind of tune you turn up with the top down on the ol’ convertible and head out for those long and winding roads in the back country. Nothing but air and freedom… Let your freak flag fly!!!
“Mopium Ultrum” takes a step back from the fast and furious rhythms with a more thump and run bass line that marches on to lead guitar extravaganza oblivion. The ace guitarist uses the keyboards just in the right places on this track. Just a note, I noticed that Peter likes using keyboards throughout this fine music production. However, he has a minimalistic approach and doesn’t overdo it. Just the way I like it. The music is definitely on the progressive side but never overbearing and never to far out there that you loose the main theme or motif of the song. This shows his maturity as a recording artist in this type of music genre.
The next masterpiece out of the gate and off and running is “Pacify Yourself”. This neo-classically inspired tune will have you flying through nebulous clouds and onward towards apocalyptic aural horizons. The sounds here are mysteriously adventurous to say the least. The lead playing reminds me of another master shredder named Yngwie Malmsteen. I know those are big shoes to fill. However, you know the saying, “if the shoe fits…” Once again, the production on this is second to none.
“Stiff Finger” has this Frank Zappa-ish motif in the beginning of tune and the song’s moniker reflects this in the overall vibe. This is a very playful and musically interesting tune.
“Wake Up” is more of a techno-metal vibe with its electronica beat and music mix. However, the music doesn’t stray to far from center of the other songs on this pristine compilation. The beat here is pulsating and infectious. Once again Peter does some amazing fretwork.
Onward through the fog with “Flush My Memory” is a hypnotic harmonic minor scale, phrygian dominant romp through baroque Ville with its blistering Pagannini like runs and majestic lush keyboard inspired chordal playing.
This self-titled track “Mister Rock n Roll” rocks in so many ways that it makes your head reel from the intensity of the galloping rhythms and guitar hero worshiping shred. This ultra-fast heavy metal definitely polarizes the senses. No looking back on this track…
The rest of the album follows suit with its varied tempos, exceptionally clean playing, memorable melodies, and emotional phrasing. Peter is a master when it comes to his varied bag of tricks of odd time signatures, use of call and response, tension and release and lastly, his melodic, prog-flavored hard rock anthems. Mr. Petchalov is a guitar virtuoso of the highest order. This is an unadulterated collection of exceptionally strong and daring instrumentals and the master pours his heart and soul out on each and every tune. There is skill, finesse, phenomenal guitar playing along with remarkable musicianship. One tight, inspired package for your hard earned money. 
Verdict: Go online and get your copy TODAY !!!

Favorite track: “Mister Rock n Roll”
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August 25th, 2013

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