Can’t Get Enough

It’s Friday and the postman has just dropped a pile of post through the letter box opening on the door…we don’t have letter boxes in the UK which is cool, but it does mean that you need to get to the post before the dog does.
The Rides new CD called Can't Get enough

Today I have been blessed with a copy of a CD called The Rides – Can’t Get Enough.
Now when you see names like Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Barry Goldberg on the CD cover…you immediately sit up and pay attention.

The band “The Rides” is described on the tin (press release) as a “Blues Rock Super Group”…in this case; when you pop the CD into the player you get exactly what it says on the tin…and some!

I’m listening as I write this and I’m up to track eight and I’ve enjoyed every track so far…normally 30s on blues rock tunes and I’m bored and switch to the next track but not this baby…she’s rocking my world on every track!

Now I have no clue who is doing what on this record because the cover I have doesn’t tell me…so I’m guessing a tad here, hopefully, I ain’t guessing wrong…forgive me if I do.

From the very first track “Mississippi Road House” with a wicked slide down the top string of what sounded like my Fender Strat into a very cool kick ass stomp, I was hooked! The first verse kicks in after four bars which is the way to start an album, hell yeah. Lead vocal is a real bluesy man-growl and suites the vibe (Steven I think) with the old Joanna (piano) tinkering coming into the mix at just the right time. The track is 5:05, so these boys are not after radio air time on this one man, they are for real.

“That’s a pretty Good Love” is a complete turnaround, a younger voice (Kenny I guess) with a great range doing the biz on this one and a very Stevie Ray/Bonamassa-ish feel which kicks down with very cool swing jive feel and a very slick & fluid guitar solo (Kenny I think). The track is 2:58…radio is going to love this babe!

One, two, three is the count and we’re in and chilling to a really melodic tune called “Don’t Want Lies”, a beautiful clean guitar rips oh so nicely on the first solo on this one…if it were up to me, I would dedicate this one to the late great JJ Cale. Great song, actually gave me goose bumps.

Track four “Search and Destroy” is a balls to the wall rocker, this is the “Red Bull” track…loads of energy in this one! The guitar solo is what sounds like a clean humbucker on a Fender Strat…juicy and mean. 2:25 of pure ‘red bull’ energy loved it.

“Can’t Get Enough of Loving You” is traditional blues with a great blues vocal, this one has Clapton written all over it with its gentle backing vocals in the background, the guitar solo is fabulous…light and shade is really what makes this tune stand out from all the rest. It’s a great song, sung with great gusto and feeling.

Sitting here I can feel the soul of the musicians playing which makes this record very special, it’s not just another blues rock album, it’s must have for sure.

“Honey Bee” is where old Joanna features on the record, a funky blues twelve bar played with all the frills of well established, experienced and schooled rock and blues musicians…a guitarist’s delight. Some very awesome guitar solos to take the tune out.

Track seven “Rockin in the Free World” is a big sounding rocker…it wouldn’t be out of place in the rock charts and I can see a guest guitarist or two jamming on stage during the live show on this one. A real crowd pleasing Brit-rock special with a massive ending…just fabulous!

Rock n roll blues at is best hit my ears on the track “Talk to me Babe” with its wicked backing vocals, rocking lead vocal and singing fingers blowing that Fender Strat man…killer song.

Track nine “Only Teardrops Fall” is very different from everything else on the record, soft drums, nice harmony guitars, cool vocals and a real soulful blues tune. The magic of the old Hammond sounding keyboard really warms through the entire record but more so on this tune.

The last track on the record is “Word Game” which is strong and has an equally strong message in the lyric.

This a great record, the magic is in the light and shade of every track and the variety of vocal styles, guitarist playing styles, song style selection…it’s a classic all American blues rock record that kicks down man, and you are going to love every minute for years to come!

Michael de Jager

Guitarist TV



August 9th, 2013

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