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03 Jan 2014 | Rock

Bowling For Soup

Electric Soup – Bowling For Soup HMV Forum 28 October 2011

Bowling For Soup – HMV Forum – Kentish Town

Friday 28th October 2011

Back in April this year I had the privilege to see a really cool acoustic show at the Koko Club in London featuring Jaret & Erik of Bowling For Soup. At the show the guys promised they would bring the full band back for another UK tour later in the year. They kept their promise and so last Friday I went up to the big smoke again to see this smoking band in all their glory. The HMV Forum is a cool venue. Wide and not too steep with plenty of good vantage points and the all important bars all around. 
©Lawrence Da Silva 2011 – all rights reserved
The UK really goes for these Texans and their tours always create a lot of interest and sell out. This date was no exception. The hall was packed with a really mixed crowd of fans and I count myself amongst them. Bowling For Soup are cheeky and always make me smile. This was the last date of their UK tour this time around and the UK is now an absolute must visit for the band who work very hard perfecting their live performances. They’ve been around a long time (is it really 1994 when they debuted?) and their reputation for some of the best innuendo packed, no nonsense, power chord driven rock songs is totally justified.
©Lawrence Da Silva 2011 – all rights reserved
The band have got a large back catalogue to choose from and over ten albums under their belts, so it was always going to be a hit filled gig. The capacity to produce singalong anthems never ceases to amaze me and of course there are many to choose from. So we all lapped up High School Never Ends, The Bitch Song, My Wena, S-S-S-Saturday, Ohio, Punk Rock 101, Emily, 1985, Almost and Belgium
©Lawrence Da Silva 2011 – all rights reserved
 A special mention goes to three songs though. A really cool version of Stacey’s Mom originally recorded by the Fountains Of Wayne which the boys seem to have adopted for their own. Everybody and I mean everybody was singing along to this one. Turbulence from the last album Fishing For Woos is a personal favourite which I love. I  lost  a bet on this song because I was absolutely thought it was US top 40 material. Shucks, next time maybe. The song is playing on the boys website at the moment so go have a listen when you’ve finished this review. The link is below. The third song is Summer Of ’69, Bryan Adams huge hit from the 80’s. The guys played this on their 2006 Let’s Do It For Johnny album and Bowling For Soup have started working it into their encore giving the song a bit of punch while they’re at it.
©Lawrence Da Silva 2011 – all rights reserved
Musically these guys are right on the money. The playing is really tight and when the boys are back in town, I’ll be right there waiting in line to see them. Thanks Guys! Au Revoir!
©Lawrence Da Silva 2011 – all rights reserved
Many thanks to Lawrence Da Silva at Sensor Photography for the supreme images. See more of Lawrence’s work here

Check out Bowling for Soup on line and watch Turbulence here

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November 2nd, 2011

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