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Chris Rea – Santo Spirito Blues CD review

Chris Rea

Santo Spirito Blues

Rhino Records

Released – 5th September

Here’s a man who’s never stopped producing great music. Chris Rea’s new release Santo Spirito Blues has just hit the racks and a beauty it is too. Whatever you say about Chris Rea, there is no doubting he has one of the most of distinct voices in music and he certainly knows how to use it. Santo Spirito Blues is a thirteen track collection of strong songs starting up with Dancing My Blues Away, a driving up tempo number which had me immediately reaching for my air slide. The album continues in the same vein and tempo with Rock And Roll Tonight and a slightly slower and ballsy Never Tie Me Down.
I really got into The Chance Of Love which has a beautifully tender guitar hook and made me take repeated listens before I moved on. Again, this number drives beautifully and leads nicely into a bass – driven The Last Open Road. Electric Guitar is the highlight of the album. Slow and atmospheric. There are cool lyrics on this number too, including a nice line devoted to both partner and instrument: “We’ll be together no matter how far, you and me and that electric guitar..”
Chris is planning to tour next year and will no doubt showcase this album. Many of the songs on it will sit proudly beside the classics Chris has produced and performed over previous years. Yes, there is a certain familiarity with these new songs, but they will stand proud beside anything that Chris has released previously.
Santo Spirito Blues is a natural successor to Chris’s mammoth 11 CD and one DVD box set released a few years back entitled The Blue Guitars Project. That project was entirely self financed and I really struggled to complete a full listen to it, such was the enormity of it. This release is a rather more conservative single disc release, with a supreme deluxe version also available, consisting of three CDs and two DVDs. What I like about Chris is his artistic credibility and the three disc version combines two special feature films written and directed by Chris as well as discs of the music featured therein. Chris has been quoted about this and I’ll let his powerful statement speak for itself: 
“I love creating things and passionately believe we (the artists) should be looking to try new ways of bringing what we do to the public. There should be no rules whatsoever and, for God’s sake, there are alternatives to TV talent shows. Sometimes, those who have had extremely good fortune in music only allow X-Factor type TV shows etc. to set the musical and cultural agenda of this country by actually doing nothing new or different themselves.”

Rob Pope
Guitarist TV

Chris Rea website


September 10th, 2011

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