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Eleanor McEvoy – Alone – CD Review

Eleanor McEvoy


Moscodisc – release date 12th September

This album was recorded in a quiet setting in the Norfolk countryside in the UK. It’s beautifully subtle and is a stripped down recording. That’s to say Artist, guitar and microphone. Oh yes and an engineer called Dave.

Eleanor has said that her state of mind for this recording “wasn’t the brightest”. She also remarked that there was “a certain something” about being in the studio with no agenda, no deadline and no pressure. Whatever that certain something was, it certainly worked.

The album is intimate and extremely reflective and may not appeal to all. However the attraction for me on this disc is the atmosphere created by the recording process and the supreme quality of Eleanor’s songwriting and guitar playing.

One of Ireland’s most accomplished singer/songwriters, McEvoy’s life as a musician began at the age of four. To date, she has released a total of nine albums and continues to tour the world playing to a legion of faithful fans.

Eleanor wrote and recorded the worldwide hit single ‘A Woman’s Heart’ which was the title track on the album Only A Woman’s Heart; the best-selling Irish album in Irish chart history. To coincide with the release of “Alone”, McEvoy will embark on a 16-date UK tour that starts at the Birmingham Glee on September 21st.

Standout tracks on the album are I’d Be Willing which is brilliantly written and the aforementioned A Woman’s Heart.

The album is out on 12th September and I would recommend a thorough listen.

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August 25th, 2011

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