New Single Release Review: Don’t Say Goodbye by Jonathan Stanford

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Well we promised you a right rocking song with Jonathan Stanford’s new single “Don’t Say Goodbye” and we were spot on! It’s a galloping ride from start to finish with brilliant lyrics, a bouncy chorus, a lovely thoughtful middle section and a couple of immense guitar solos, and all in less than 4 minutes!

It’s a song about how you feel when someone falls in love with you for who you are, but then wants you to change; Stanford describes the struggle in trying to understand, but the song is neither morose nor pleading; it’s a justifiably defiant song with an excellent, rising challenge leading to a strident guitar solo at the climax – “Why do you want to change me? And why do you wanna go? I guess I’ll never know” – or care!

Stanford’s voice is as heartfelt and strong as always – rich, warm and soaring – he really has a massive range and by the time the song’s reaching its climax he’s fairly belting it out. Reminded us of Dougie White in his Rainbow days. 

The arrangement is superb with lots of depth and contrast, and the two flashy guitar solos from Viz add sparkle and attitude. We’ve listened to it 4 times on the trot now and that’s a record for a new artist! Plus rumour has it that there’s more like this to come on the forthcoming album, which is fine by us! 

Verdict: Get it!

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August 25th, 2013

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