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03 Jan 2014 | Rock

Chad Smith

Chickenfoot III – Album out tomorrow – reviewed here




UK release 24th October 2011

Lead singer Sammy Hagar has already said that he is very proud of this release and can hear why. Chickenfoot have a very distinctive sound. I’ve listened to Sammy Hagar singing now for at least 30 years and he is probably my favourite rock vocalist. I have no idea how he has kept his voice fresh and powerful over all these years, all I can say is I’m glad he has. Fist pumping stadium rock this may be and it’s not for everyone, but it has it’s place in my heart and I am absolutely chuffed to bits that I got hold of a copy of this album before my friends did. We’ve been talking about it for ages. Here we have four musicians of incredible ability and reputation.  Their reputation collectively and individually is totally justified.

There has been a huge amount of hype about this album and you’ve only got to look around the web to get confirmation and to see that there is a real buzz surrounding this release. So does it cut it? First of all the packaging is pretty good. A nice simple design that can only be best experienced in 3D! Yes, they even tuck a pair of glasses inside the sleeve. Cheers guys!

Chickenfoot III

The music delivers. Of course with such a punch too as you’d expect from this band. Everyone is on top form and up for it. Mike Fraser who needs no introduction to genuine rock music fans, did the production on this release. Of course, it’s all come together brilliantly.

Last Temptation opens the show. The tempo is up and at ’em and a great start. A slightly slower Alright, Alright follows Different Devil, Up Next and Lighten Up. Come Closer slows down rather but this love song really stays with me. There’s atmospheric, beautiful bass from Mark Anthony and Sammy has soul. I’d really like to get this released as a single and see it climb the rock charts.

Three And A Half Letters is a song about the disenfranchised. Yes you read that right. This is a deep song with a serious subject which just cries out for a listen. Online Sammy Hagar explained the story behind the song in that over the years he’s received many letters from fans, but he’s also recieved pleas from people looking for work. This song is about the economic mess people are facing right now.  Rock music takes on world problems. Heavy subject matter perhaps but perhaps very necessary.
Chickenfoot III
The next two tracks Big Foot and Dubai Blues are the best. Great riffing, everyone rocking out. I played these again and again. There’s a slower pace to the close of the album with Something Going Wrong. A real nice close to a real special album. So. everyone flexes their muscles again on this second outing from the band. How long this franchise will last I don’t know, but I hope it will run and run.
First of all if you’re in the UK and you don’t have this album. Go and get it! Secondly snap up tickets if you can for the live UK shows. More details from Noble Public Relations here 
For visuals check out the following videos from the album.

Three And A Half Letters

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Big Foot

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Satch, Smith, Anthony & Hagar

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October 23rd, 2011

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