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An honest everyman makes great music – Jon Stanford – King Canute Album Review

Jon Stanford

King Canute

Self published album

On the recommendation of a friend and by the efficiency of Royal Mail, this CD recently arrived on my door mat. A mighty fine piece of polycarbonate it is too. I really loved the way the CD kicks off. A great little bluesy shuffle lamenting the hard times of old Great Britain called Breadline. Contained within is some classy harmonica provided by Pete Towers who also contributes a nice slab of slide too.

There’s a nice, varied mixture of songs on here. Jon describes his music as Blues, ballads and rock with a sprinkling of funk and the albums song’s as “An honest account of a year in the life of an everyman.” Jon’s singing is soulful and powerful and lyrically he’s thoughtful and rhymes well without any cheesy lyrical faux pas.

Devil Gonna Be, the second song on the disc which features some lovely steel guitar played by Johnny Wright and some smart lyrics too. K9 is the next song which is about being treated like a dog and a reggae funked Mo Money follows.

Stand back and turn the volume up for the next song Mr Friday Night featuring a roaring Stanford on vocals and the delights of Viz on guitar. Viz, who is also known as Pete Caldwell, really pulls out the stops on a ballsy spot of shredding on this song which sadly at just under three minutes, is over before its begun, but leaves a ringing in the ears.

On an upbeat Older later in the album Jon manages to remind me of The Lightning Seeds and sings with undeniable soul on the album’s title track which follows. The last track on the album Lost My Mind sounds as if Jon could have written it for Meatloaf and would sit nicely at home in a rock opera. Choppy guitar, power chords, piano, violins and even some harp too. It’s slightly off beat but I loved it.

Jon plainly knows his craft and is a musician of considerable depth playing everything on half of the albums twelve tracks, and handling all the vocals. He has really pulled in a bunch of talented musicians in to help on this project and this is a sterling debut. Like I said at the beginning of this review, this is a varied selection of songs which contains skip loads of rhythm, guts, style and passion. It is vocally very strong and the lyrics actually mean something.

You can preview or purchase all the songs on the album here at the CD Baby website. Each of the songs is $0.99 which if my maths is correct is around £0.60p a song. Better though, you can get all the whole beautiful collection for $9.99 or £6.00. Not half bad I reckon.

Rob Pope

Guitarist TV


August 12th, 2011

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